LA Times Review The rise of women taking their place in the newsroom told intelligently in ‘Good Girls Revolt’

“Good Girls Revolt” follows three young women as they fight to dismantle the old boys’ network at the office and reconcile their professional ambitions with their personal desires. (The series is a fictionalized version of Lynn Povich’s 2012 book of the same name, which recounts the 1970 gender discrimination lawsuit filed by female employees at Newsweek magazine.)

Each of the main characters puts a compelling spin on an identifiable type. Patti (Genevieve Angelson) is the Free-Spirited Hippie Chick with a titanic work ethic; Jane (Anna Camp) is the Icy Blonde Princess surprised to learn she might be a career girl; Cindy (Erin Darke) is the Shy, Bespectacled Mouse with a sensuous side (and a raging booze problem).


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