Month: October 2016

What’s New on Amazon: October 2016

Let’s transport ourselves back to New York City in 1969, shall we? Good Girls Revolt tells the story about what happens when a group of women demand equal treatment at the newspaper where they work, spawning the perfect crossover between Mad Men and The Newsroom. Never mess with driven, determined female researchers, y’all.


WhoWhatWear “Girls to Watch on TV”

Getting Political: “People say oh, it’s such great timing with the show coming out at the same time Hilary Clinton is the first female candidate for a major party for the presidential election. That’s not a coincidence; that’s not just good timing. It’s happening because this is what’s happening. These are the issues we are having right now in the United States. Why do we pay for tampons and sanitary pads when this is a human female function? Why are we still taxed for the fact that we have a period? These are all things that are coming up now because these are the injustices that are happening and it’s time. We can’t stand it anymore.”


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