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Yahoo Spent a Day on the Set of Good Girls Revolt

Can you tell us a little bit about your character?
Genevieve Angelson: I play Patti Robinson; she’s the central character on the show. She is the wild-spirit, wild-hearted, free-spirited counter culture representative. But she’s also a 24-year-old girl who isn’t decidedly anything yet. She doesn’t know what she believes in yet. She kind of likes breaking the rules; she’s super smart and she’s incredible at her job. She doesn’t mind being a little bit naughty and dressing a little bit more inappropriately than other people at the office because she can get away with it.


“Good Girls Revolt” lets us know how far we haven’t come

Someday in the distant future, a generation of women yet to be born will look back on 2016 and be horrified at the level of open misogyny that their ancestors contended with. That nearly 100 years after women won the right to vote, their basic worth as humans was still being questioned by politicians and Internet trolls. That a female co-host at a major news network, Gretchen Carlson, sued her boss for sexual harassment, which led to his firing and her winning a $20 million settlement.

And perhaps they’ll wonder if women in 2016 felt similar amazement at seeing “Good Girls Revolt,” Amazon Studios’ period piece inspired by a discrimination lawsuit filed by 46 female staffers at Newsweek in 1970.


Genevieve plays “First, Last, Best, Worst” with THR – Video

Genevieve scheduled to be on “Late Night with Seth Myers” Halloween

Monday, October 31: Guests Nathan Lane, Genevieve Angelson and Matt Seitz & Alan Sepinwall. Hannah Walton sits-in with the 8G Band. Show 0441.

LA Times Review The rise of women taking their place in the newsroom told intelligently in ‘Good Girls Revolt’

“Good Girls Revolt” follows three young women as they fight to dismantle the old boys’ network at the office and reconcile their professional ambitions with their personal desires. (The series is a fictionalized version of Lynn Povich’s 2012 book of the same name, which recounts the 1970 gender discrimination lawsuit filed by female employees at Newsweek magazine.)

Each of the main characters puts a compelling spin on an identifiable type. Patti (Genevieve Angelson) is the Free-Spirited Hippie Chick with a titanic work ethic; Jane (Anna Camp) is the Icy Blonde Princess surprised to learn she might be a career girl; Cindy (Erin Darke) is the Shy, Bespectacled Mouse with a sensuous side (and a raging booze problem).


Talking Michelle Obama, Fox News, and Feminist TV Characters With the Cast of Good Girls Revolt

This year has been an equally amazing and terrible time to be a woman. Between Donald Trump, Roger Ailes’s sexual harassment suit, and Kelly Oxford’s Twitter campaign, it almost seems like Amazon has just pulled off the most impressive sneak campaign in the history of TV shows.
Anna Camp: We didn’t know how relevant this show was going to be. We knew it was going to be around the first woman presidential candidate. But we had no clue this time was going to be so sexually charged.

Genevieve Angelson: On the show we’ve all had an incredible sense of gratitude. I think there’s a feeling in the air that we’re making something that matters.


The Good Girls – episode preview clip from Yahoo!

Genevieve attends “Good Girls Revolt” New York Screening

Genevieve Angelson Fan Gallery > Events > 10-18: “Good Girls Revolt” New York Screening

Genevieve attends the People’s “Ones To Watch” event – photos

New photos added to the Genevieve Angelson Fan Gallery from the People’s “Ones To Watch” event.

Genevieve Angelson Fan Gallery > Events > 2016 > 10-13: People’s “Ones To Watch”

Good Girls Q&A at Forbes Under 30 Summit

On Monday, October 17, three stars from Amazon’s new original series Good Girls Revolt will participate on a panel on the Impact Stage at Northeastern University. Following the panel, there will be a screening of Good Girls Revolt followed by a Q&A with the lead cast and executive producers, including Anna Camp (known for her role in Pitch Perfect), Genevieve Angelson (known for her role in House of Lies), Erin Darke (known for her role in Kill Your Darlings), and Chris Diamantopoulos (known for his role as ex-billionaire investor Russ Hanneman in Silicon Valley). The cast will be joined by Executive Producers for the show Dana Calvo, Darlene Hunt and Lynda Obst.


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