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The Chew talked about “Their Jam” today and Carla Hall talked about Good Girls Revolt! Right at the 4:03 moment.

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There’s a new #SaveGoodGirlsRevolt petition – sign HERE

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Amazon’s abrupt cancellation of the critically acclaimed series “Good Girls Revolt” has struck a nerve with feminists and fans in the wake of recent real-world events.

On the surface, the series tells the story of women who demand the same opportunities as their male colleagues at the fictitious magazine News of the Week — a story inspired by real events that transpired at Newsweek in 1970. On a deeper level, it tells a dozen smaller stories of women confronting daily injustices in their own way.

Season one of Good Girls Revolt was available to stream exclusively through Amazon Video. The show was well received among critics, who applauded Amazon for highlighting these issues at a time when many women feel marginalized by political dialogue. It also performed well with viewers, according to a third-party report from Symphony Data obtained by GeekWire.


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Days after Amazon unceremoniously canceled period drama Good Girls Revolt, producers Sony Pictures Television appear to be honing in on finding a new home for the series.

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that ABC, Freeform, USA Network, Bravo and Hulu are in the running to pick up the Dana Calvo-created drama for a second season, with Netflix and Lifetime both considered longshots. Sony Pictures Television declined comment.


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3. “Good Girls Revolt” (Amazon)

While this shows crew isn’t much to pay attention to, it definitely has a cast and setting that will keep you watching. Depicting the difficulty of being a female reporter in 1960s, “Good Girls Revolt” has an amazing cast of young actresses. Genevieve Angelson, Anna Camp and Erin Darke take on the main three characters that are the focus of the show. Fans curious about early feminist movements in the work force should love the show.


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Amazon has a new set of playlists up for Good Girls Revolt – listen to Patti’s Playlist and check out all the Good Girls Revolt playlists.

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Can you tell us a little bit about your character?
Genevieve Angelson: I play Patti Robinson; she’s the central character on the show. She is the wild-spirit, wild-hearted, free-spirited counter culture representative. But she’s also a 24-year-old girl who isn’t decidedly anything yet. She doesn’t know what she believes in yet. She kind of likes breaking the rules; she’s super smart and she’s incredible at her job. She doesn’t mind being a little bit naughty and dressing a little bit more inappropriately than other people at the office because she can get away with it.


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